PlayRTC provides development tools to conveniently implement applications for interactive video/ audio call, chatting and file sharing not only in the web, but also through Android and iOS. It also provides service infrastructure for RTC service. Create a genuine RTC service by using the powerful API and stable operating environment provided by PlayRTC platform, which helps you develop and operate diverse services.


Bidirectional Media Transmission

For convenient implementation of WebRTC application, PlayRTC provides SDK for native application development in iOS and Android format in addition to Javascript SDK.  You can conveniently develop web, applications and servers for video/ audio/ data exchange and communication using the powerful API of PlayRTC provided through PlayRTC SDK.



Fast Development with Easy-to-use API and Diverse Reference Codes

PlayRTC platform provides powerful API so that you can easily and swiftly apply various functions necessary in RTC service implementation. In addition, for fast RTC service creation, reference codes and guides applied with PlayRTC API are provided.



 Reliable WebRTC Service Environment

For real-time communication using WebRTC, you need infrastructure that supports channeling, signaling and TURN interlock. PlayRTC provides WebRTC infrastructure, which has been developed with SK Telecom’s technological power and operational expertise, so that everyone can conveniently implement and stably operate WebRTC service.



 Monitoring Function for Stable Service Operation and Management

For services using PlayRTC platform, a range of usage and session performance monitoring and analysis data are provided so that you can maintain stability of your service.
Experience the epitome of stable RTC service with PlayRTC.



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Play RTC

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