PlayRTC is open to everyone.

PlayRTC welcomes players who will grow with it.

PlayRTC is also striving to give various benefits to the players.

Should you have any questions about using PlayRTC or partnership, please contact us through User Inquiry.

PlayRTC Partners supporting program

Benefits Support details Note
On-offline consulting On-offline development and business-relating consulting service
Remote debugging support Remote debugging support when you need help or experience problems requiring urgent response during development
Preferentially providing necessary functions Preferentially developing and providing urgently required functions to partners Subject to change according to order of priority
Released to SDK first For SDK update, alpha version is released first for preferential use before general users/
Providing PlayRTC solution development authority Authority to develop solution using PlayRTC and marketing support
Training program (once a year) PlayRTC class Class under preparation
Service promotion Partially providing SKT promotion channel Limited to services developed using PlayRTC

Strategic Partners support/ fostering program

Strategic Partners support/ fostering program category, item, description, note
Category Item Description
Project Cost Supporting service development cost Consulting and adjustment necessary
Marketing Promotion through online news Supporting Ad4U program
Promotion in SKT customer channel Partner service banner in win-win promotion space
Promotion in T dev-related websites Introducing service in T Developers
Introducing service in SK Happy Startup Support Center
Introducing service in T Open Lab website
Providing opportunities for presentation in international conferences Developers’ Forum, Bravo Start-up Forum
Supporting service affiliation T dev. Facilitating synergy between cooperating BPs
Introducing related departments and supporting affiliation with them
Training SK Joint Growth Academy FMI BP training program
Design Thinking Workshop Supporting workshop by inviting experts from SAP Korea (FMI) for free
Development environment and support Providing T Developers service
(dPaaS, BaaS, API)
Free resource support for one year following resource supply at cost
T open lab test terminal and conference room T open lab supporting program

Procedures of Use

  • Business proposal T developers> Support> Q&A
  • Primary review by SK Telecom Assessment of T service basic requirements
  • Secondary review by relevant department Business feasibility and affiliation plan
  • Service agreement and commercialization
  • Make by T Developers Exposure through T developers mandatory upon service agreement

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